Project results

The project Innova intends to develop the following outcomes and results:
  • Design a replicable, scalable, and malleable project model and specialised methodology to guide adult educators in validating migrants’ skills and recognising abroad previous working experience.
  • Carry out a training for educators where they exchange best practices, share knowledge and promote the integration of non-formal activities.
  • Develop an online platform to hold project results and make them available for a wider audience, create holistic learning experiences and allow people from around the globe to take advantage of the developed tools, for free.
  • A written report of the documented process held along the project for migration-related data analysis and further action implementation.
  • Hold 4 local partnerships (1 per partner country) between project members, stakeholders, third-party organisations, educational institutions, and/or public bodies, aimed to enhance the dissemination potential of the project.
  • Hold 4 multiplier events (1 per partner country) to disseminate the project’s main aspects, highlight its benefits and attract more collaborators/beneficiaries.
  • The training of 200 adults educators and/or related workers through the creation and execution of an “immigrant skill validation and recognition” programme.
  • The evaluation of 1000 migrants’ performance under the “ReSkill” methodology and correlative tools.